The committee consists of the following people:

Evert-Jan BorkentChairman
Vincent HindriksenTreasurer, webmaster
Ewoud WerkmanCommissioner for foreign relations
Boyana PetkovaCommissioner for business relations
Linda BraltenCommissioner for business relations

Board of Recommendation__

Mr. B.J. van Eenennaam,Dutch Ambassador in the United States of America
Drs. R.A. Vornis,Dutch Ambassador in Mexico
Drs. J. Wallage,Mayor of Groningen
prof. dr. F. Zwarts,Lord Rector of the University of Groningen
Prof. dr. H. de Waard,Professor emeritus of physics
Prof. dr. ir. L. Spaanenburg,Professor of computer science

Board of Foundation GBE-FMF__

Mark Hagedoorn,Chairman
Sybrand Jissink,Secretary
Niels Maneschijn,Treasurer
Nanne Huiges,General member
Gerard Wolters,Advisor of the board of the FMF

Special thanks__

We want to thank Hillebrant Idsinga of Scylla for designing our logo. We are very proud of this logo.

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