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Casestudy information

To finance Cookaβurra '11 each participating student performs a casestudy provided by companies interested in having a project done by academics.

Study tours can't be organized without a financial basis. In addition to the contribution of participants and allowances, the students raise their funding by performing a casestudy. This is a research assignment performed for a company by two students in three weeks. These students are selected on their skills and motivation, the commissioning company can expect a result of academic degree. A professor guides the students and gives them advice if necessary.

A casestudy is a good opportunity for companies to get work done for which a company itself lacks either time or expertise, at relative low cost. Moreover a casestudy gives the company the possiblility to get in contact with expertise and equipment of the University of Groningen. And as a casestudy brings senior students in close contact with a company, it is a great opportunity to involve them in her activities.

Reports of the casestudies can be found on this site as soon as the casestudies have been completed.

For students a casestudy gives a good opportunity to get in contact with a company and to get an idea of their work. A casestudy is 120h but that does not neccessarily mean that it has to be a full three weeks in a row. For each casestudy a staff member at the university with experience in the field will judge whether the students are capable of doing the project and will guide the students if neccesary.

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