Iguazu '09 is also sponsored by:


The study tour takes 25 students of the University of Groningen to South America. Five of these students form the organizing committee. The other twenty students are selected by CV, to be sure they are up to performing a casestudy of 120 hours. Furthermore students who want to participate are required to have 120 EC on the first of September and should be able to contribute 900 euros of participants contribution.

Scientific staff

dr. O. Scholten (Olaf)
Prof. dr. H.L. Trentelman (Harry)


Mark Abspoel (Mathematics)
Monique Ankone (Astronomy)
Morten Bakker (Applied Physics)
Gjalt Bearda (Computer Science and Physics)
Jelle Blijleven (Physics)
Rob Bremer (Physics)
Robert Broos (Physics)
Thomas ten Cate (Computer Science and Mathematics)
Jasper van Dijk (Physics)
Erik Duisterwinkel (Applied Physics)
Mark IJbema (Computer Science en Mathematics)
Maarten Kruijver (Wikunde en Economie)
Hans Kuipers (Physics)
Sander Land (Computer Science and Mathematics)
Harm Jan Prins (Physics)
Geert Reitsma (Applied Physics)
Femke van Seijen (Applied Physics)
Auke Sijtema (Physics)
Jasper Spaans (Artificial Intelligence)
Roel Tempelaar (Physics)


Cees Draaijer (Physics)
Ester van der Pol (Mathematics)
Pjotr Svetachov (Computer Science)
Tjitske Starkenburg (Mathematics and Astronomy)
Samuel Hoekman Turkesteen (Physics)