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Program information

The program of the excursion is still in development. On this page you can find a short draft of what the program could be. The final program will be known somewhere in February or March 2009.

The aim of the tour is to give the participants an impression of the Brazilian and Argentinian science and culture. To achieve this, two thirds of the program will consist of visits to i.e. scientific institutes, universities and companies and one third will be spent on cultural activities.

The water thundering down the Iguaz˙ falls partly originates from Sao Paulo (Brazil). After passing the water flows on to mound in the ocean near Buenos Aires (Argentina). In our travel we'll fly our way downstream.

This is a draft of the program. It is still in development so changes are to be expected.

Day Date Activity
Wednesday 4/15/2009 Departure to Brazil
Thursday 4/16/2009 ariving in São Paulo; sightseeing under guidance of Julio, a Brazilian student.
Friday 4/17/2009 IAG (Instituto de Astronomia, Geofísica e Ciências Atmosféricas) institute of USP (university of São Paulo), UNIFESP (federal university of São Paulo) and afterwards socializing with students of UNIFESP
Saturday 4/18/2009 free day in the city
Sunday 4/19/2009 the (historical) coffee museum and the beach of Santos
Monday 4/20/2009 Visiting the São Paulo Stock Exchange
Tuesday 4/21/2009 Visiting the favela's (slums) of São Paulo and today is the National Holiday of Tiradentes
Wednesday 4/22/2009 ITA (Instituut Tecnologico de Aeronáutica) and going to a show or a concert
Thursday 4/23/2009 Flying at 14.20h from São Paulo to Foz do Iguaçu
Friday 4/24/2009 Itaipu dam and Brazilian Iguaçu Park
Saturday 4/25/2009 Argentinian Iguazú Park
Sunday 4/26/2009 Flying at 6.25h from Foz do Iguaçu to Buenos Aires and discovering Buenos Aires
Monday 4/27/2009 University of Cinema, visiting Boskalis Argentina and discovering Buenos Aires by bike at night
Tuesday 4/28/2009 free day in the city due to a shift in the program
Wednesday 4/29/2009 UBA (university of Buenos Aires) and its institute IAFE (Instituto de Astronomía y Física del Espacio)á
Thursday 4/30/2009 UBA (university of Buenos Aires), visiting the Rabobank Argentina and a Koninginnedag party of the Dutch Community in Argentina
Friday 5/1/2009 Labour Day: visiting an estancia (ranch) and learning about the Argeninean farmers and gaucho's (cowboys)
Saturday 5/2/2009 visiting the old Portugese colonial town (UNESCO heritage) of Colonia del Sacramento in Uruguay
Sunday 5/3/2009 visiting the river delta of Tigre
Monday 5/4/2009 University of La Plata and various of its institutes and La Plata itself
Tuesday 5/5/2009 visiting the Nuclear Power plant Atucha I (in operation) and II (building site)
Wednesday 5/6/2009 the Dutch Ambassy in Argentina (Embajada) and CNEA (Comision Nacional de Energia Atomica)
Thursday 5/7/2009 Flying at 16.20h from Buenos Aires
Friday 5/8/2009 Still traveling and coming home