Welcome to the homepage of the GBE Lejano '19 to Chile and Argentina!


What is GBE?

The GBE ("Grote Buitenlandse Excursie"; EN: Large Excursion Abroad) is a biannual excursion hosted by the FMF for its members. Every two years, a trip of approximately three weeks to a destination outside of Europe is organised. The goal of this trip is to get a feel for the state of business and academia in the visited country/countries, to experience their culture and of course enjoy having an awesome time with your fellow students. Some destinations our predecessors visited include Japan in 2017, Indonesia in 2015 and South Africa in 2013.

This time, we're planning to travel to Chile and Argentina. The excursion will take place around the end of April/beginning of May 2019, after the exams of block IIa. Before that, you'll have to finish a case study of 120 hours.

UPDATE: Sadly, signing up for the excursion has closed! Thank you to everyone who has signed up already; you’ll be receiving information once we have it available. To all those who missed the deadline, I’m sorry. :( However, there will be more opportunities to travel with the FMF, for instance KBE 2020 or GBE 2021.


Where will we go?

For 2019, we are going to go visit the wonderful countries of Chile and Argentina! We'll at least be passing by their respective capital cities of Santiago and Buenos Aires, but we're also working on going to places which are a whole lot cooler than the capital cities. As for specifics? We'll let you know in due time. ;)

How much will it cost?

Since our trip will be around three weeks long, it is not feasible to ask every participant to cover their own costs.

For this reason, paying for the GBE is split into two parts.

  1. A up-front payment of at most €999. Note that this price holds only for NNV members; if you're not a member of the NNV, expect the price to be around €100 higher.

  2. A case study of 120 hours to be conducted for a third party (company or university).

The case study is a project (mini-internship) of around 120 hours (which is approximately the same as 5 ECTS), to be carried out at a company or other organisation. The case study will be oriented towards your field(s) or interest and your study, and we will make sure to match up the case studies and participants in the best way. To find more information about cases previously carried out, look at the final report of Dejima '17 or Nésos '15 (our predecessors).


Who can join?

Any student who has obtained at least 120 ECTS by the time their case study would start - and is a member of the FMF! - can apply to join. The committee will make the definitive selection, based on the availability of matching case studies, but you definitely can't join if you don't apply first! "Niet geschoten is altijd mis," as they say in Dutch, so definitively give it a shot!


Our partners

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