The commitTee

The committee is responsible for the entire organisation of the trip. We have to determine the destination, arrange all transport and activities on location, arrange case studies, make sure we have enough money for everything, etc. Of course this can not be done by one person alone, so therefore we are with 5 people together to make this trip a great success! Below, each one of us will introduce themselves and give a short description of their task within the committee.


Robbert Scholtens


Hey there, pleased to meet you! I'm Robbert Scholtens, the chairman of Lejano '19. I'm a fifth year student of physics and mathematics, and immensely proud and excited to be working on the excursion to Chile and Argentina.

Way back in 2016, I went on the excursion to Russia and Estonia, also hosted by the FMF. I had the greatest time being with fellow FMFers and visiting the local academia/business, all wrapped in Eastern European cultural goodness. I returned to Groningen wanting to host an excursion myself one day. Two years later and here we are: busy creating an adventure of my own!

As the chairman, I'm the outward face of the excursion and ultimately responsible for its success. As such, if you've got any general comments or questions, I'm your guy.

See you in South America!


Fester Herenius


Hey! I'm Fester Herenius, a fourth year physics student and the Treasurer of Lejano '19. 

I love to travel and being in the outdoors, organising an excursion to a region like South America excites me a great deal. After the trip to Ukraine last year with the FMF, I wanted to organise a trip myself and was waiting for the GBE applications to open up. It was my first time traveling in a group and I enjoyed it a lot!

As the treasurer, I will be in control of the finance side of the excursion. If I everything goes correctly, you won't notice a lot of my role in the committee. Therefor, if you have any questions regarding the finances, please give me a message.


Floris Westerman

Business Commissioner

I'm Floris Westerman, 4th-year Bachelor student in both Physics and Computing Science and I'm really looking forward to organising the GBE to South America next year!

Last year I already joined the previous trip, GBE Dejima '17 to Japan. I've had a great time there and when I was back home I quickly decided I'd like to organise such a trip one day. When the opportunity came up to organise this GBE I immediately signed up!

As a business commissioner I'll be mainly responsible for organising and finding all the case studies and making sure everything runs smoothly. If you have any questions about the case studies, you can always contact me!


Suzan van Eijk

Day Commissioner

I am Suzan van Eijk, a second year master student in Astronomy. Although I have no previous KBE/GBE experience, I am highly motivated to take on the challenge of being day commissioner!

Along with Lukas I will be booking the flights and accommodations, as well as organising the schedule of the trip to the tiniest detail, ranging from visits to universities and companies to the obligatory ‘touristic’ activities and cultural highlights! Feel free to contact us regarding the programme or any other related matters. Suggestions are also welcome! ¡Hasta pronto!


Lukas Raap

Day Commissioner

Hi, my name is Lukas Raap. I'm a second year Physics bachelor. I hope that with the efforts of this committee, this GBE will be the best one so far.

I've heard lots of stories about how amazing the previous travels were, so when I was presented with the opportunity to help organise this years' trip, I was on board immediately. The prospect of actually doing something so ambitious looked like an exciting experience that I could learn a lot from.

Suzan and I will be the day commissioners of this GBE. This means that we'll plan where we're going, what we do there and how long we will be staying. This also entails contacting businesses and universities to check if we can come by. If you have any questions about the program, or if there's a place you would like for us to visit, feel free to contact Suzan or me about it.