Official regulations

Below you can find the official regulations we use for this trip. Note that the text below is not binding. Should you be selected to be a participant, you will be required to sign a formal, binding contract outlining your rights and responsibilities.


  1. The excursion to Chile and Argentina will start no earlier than April 19th, 2019 and will end no later than June 2nd, 2019. The former of these (to be determined) dates will be called "the commencement of the excursion." The date and length of the excursion are  not confirmed yet; once they are, we will make this clear to all Applicants.
  2. The organization of the excursion is in the hands of a committee of the Stiching GBE-FMF. This committee is called "Lejano," and otherwise also known as the organizing committee.
  3. The "Huishoudelijk Reglement" (i.e. the general rules) of the Stichting GBE-FMF can be found in the FMF room, or online through your MyFMF "My Drive." Rules pertaining to you, as the (prospective) participant, are mentioned specifically in articles 3 (three) and 4 (four).
  4. The points mentioned under "Official Regulations" may be amended at any time, and the amendments are at the full discretion of the Stichting GBE-FMF and/or the organizing committee.
  5. The organizing committee may be contacted at any point at email; the Stichting GBE-FMF may be contacted at


  1. There will be 27 (twenty seven) Participants in this excursion. Five of these places are reserved for the members of the organizing committee, and two are reserved for the accompanying staff members of the University of Groningen.
  2. Those who are interested in the trip should sign up in the Google form listed under the tab "Sign Up." Signing up for the excursion through said Google form is an indication that you are willing to join the trip - with the responsibilities this entails - and will make you an Applicant, which is not a Participant. The applications close at October 6th, 23:59.
  3. Participation in the excursion (due to the involved case studies; see below) is at the full discretion of the organizing committee.
  4. Should you be selected as a Participant, you will be asked to sign a formal, binding contract.
  5. A Participant shall be a regular member of the FMF at the time of the commencement of the excursion.
  6. A Participant shall have obtained at least 120 ECTS in courses followed at the Faculty of Science and Engineering (FSE) of the University of Groningen prior to starting the required case study, or otherwise three months prior to the commencement of the excursion.
  7. It is expected of the Participant that during the excursion - as well as during relevant activities leading up to the excursion (such as the case study) - they will follow the directions of the organizing committee, and respect the committee's judgments.


  1. The case study is an integral part of the GBE. Should you be unwilling to complete a case study, do not sign up for the trip; no other form of compensation, financial or otherwise, will be accepted.
  2. The organizing committee has full discretion over whom she chooses to assign case studies to, and to whom specific case studies are assigned.
  3. After signing up, the organizing committee will search for and try to provide you with an appropriate case study.
  4. The case study is scheduled to take 120 hours. You will be asked to keep track of the hours you worked on the case study, for example by means of a (digital) logbook.
  5. Your case study needs to be completed before the commencement of the excursion, unless an exception has been made by the committee.
  6. Should your case study be completed with insufficient quality - which is at the discretion of the organizing committee and the third party from which the case study originates - this will have to be compensated for.


  1. The excursion will cost a maximum of €999 (nine hundred and ninety nine euros) that needs to be contributed by the participant.
  2. The €999 figure mentioned above is only for those participants who are also members of the NNV (Nederlandse Natuurkundige Vereniging). Should you not be a member of the NNV, you will pay up to €100 (one hundred euros) more than those are.
  3. The participant will have to have paid the full amount by, at the latest, a to be determined date before the commencement of the excursion. The organizing committee will determine the aforementioned date, and make it known to the participants in due time.
  4. The full amount may be paid in a maximum of two installments, should the participant find this desirable. In this case, both installments will have to be paid before said to be determined date before the commencement of the excursion.

Regarding privacy

Personal information

  1. Your personal information will only be processed by the Stichting GBE-FMF when you enroll using the Google form linked under "Sign up".

  2. We consider two "categories" of personal information; one set of information that is necessary to be able to find a case study for you, which we call Applicant information, the second set is information that is necessary to take you with us on the trip, Participant information.

  3. You cannot apply for the GBE without providing the personal information asked of you in said Google form.

  4. No automatic profiling will take place based on the provided personal information.

  5. Personal information that we process during your application and a brief argumentation as to why we require this information is provided below (the numbers in front denote the category of the data).

Personal information requested at time of application for the GBE (Applicant information)

(1) First and last names: for general identification purposes
(1) Email address: for sending information such as application status and regarding participants' meetings
(1) CV: for being able to more accurately assign a fitting case study
(2) Phone number: for contacting you on a shorter term than email
(3) Student number: for requesting grants from the university
(3) Nationality: so we can determine whether or not additional official procedures are required
(3) Driver's license: we are considering driving ourselves at the destination, and would like to know whether we have enough drivers to realize this
(1) Followed degrees: so we can more accurately assign a fitting case study
(3) Obtained ECTS by commencement of the excursion: so we can estimate your skills/knowledge, and also provide a guarantee of quality to the third party providing your case study
(3) Starting years of studying and current study: so we can more accurately assign a fitting case study
(3) Your schedule in 2018-2019: so we can estimate as to when you're best suited to do a case study time-wise.

Personal information requested at time of selection as participant of the GBE (Participant information)

(4) Passport number: amongst others for booking flights
(4) Passport validity date: amongst others for booking flights
(4) Date of Birth: amongst others for booking flights
(4) Full name(s): amongst others for booking flights
(3) NNV Number: so we can get a subsidy from the NNV
(3) Studentenreisproduct: for booking train tickets within the Netherlands
(3) Dietary preferences: for booking restaurants
(4) Allergies: amongst others in case of emergencies and for booking restaurants
(5) Medication: in case of emergencies
(6) "In case of emergency" person: in case of emergencies

Sharing personal information

  1. The Stichting GBE-FMF can share information in category 1 with third parties, e.g. to a company providing a case study. Should this happen, we will notify you of this.

  2. The Stichting GBE-FMF can share information in category 2 with third parties, e.g. to a company providing a case study, after having your permission to do so.

  3. The Stichting GBE-FMF does not share personal information of category 3 and higher with third parties, unless there exists reasonable ground to do so. (e.g. when booking flights)

  4. Personal information of category 5 and higher will only be available to the confidential persons: F.P.J. Herenius and F.P. Westerman.

  5. Personal information of category 6 will also be available to M. Kluitenberg and M.S. Oudshoorn.

  6. The Stichting GBE-FMF never sells personal information, to third parties or otherwise.

Storage period of personal information

  1. The Stichting GBE-FMF will store the Applicant information until at least the final report of the excursion has been published and presented.

  2. The Stichting GBE-FMF will store the Participant information until at least the end of the excursion.

  3. In case the excursion has been cancelled prematurely, all your information will be removed within 5 working days.

  4. Should you want your personal information removed before either of the events described in points 1 and 2 have come to pass, this constitutes exclusion from participation in the excursion.

Your rights

  1. You have the right to view your personal information that the Stichting GBE-FMF possesses, conform article 15 of the GPDR.

  2. You also have the right to correct or remove your personal information, conform article 16 of the GPDR.

  3. Corrections of your personal information can be supplied by emailing these to

  4. Should you wish to view the information the Stichting GBE-FMF has of you, you can send a written request to The Stichting GBE-FMF will fulfill your request within a term of four weeks.


If you would like to submit a formal complaint regarding the processing of your personal information by the Stichting GBE-FMF, you can contact the "Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens" (AP; EN; Authority Personal Information). This can be done through a digital form, accessible through

However, it would be greatly appreciated if you were to contact us first through so we might attempt to resolve your issues.